Liberty Is Swedish For Gibberish

Swedish member of Parliament and the Constitutional Committee Andrew Norlen hopes the issue will become a deterrent.
“I do not think it takes very many prosecutions before a signal is transmitted in the community that the internet is not a lawless country, the sheriff is back in town,” Norlen said during a debate in Swedish parliament.
Politicians hope to have more power to charge citizens using the internet as a means of venting frustration."

What a bunch of regressive, anti-liberty, sissies. No wonder the left loves to use them as some sort of shining example of progress. To me, I was never impressed.

This. This is the nation we strive to emulate? People over there accept this crap?

Are we stark, raving, fucking made?

Alas, the way things are going, I fear this is coming here too. "Oh but T.C. you're being paranoid!"

Er, have you been watching what's been going on? You can't open a tv or read a paper or hear a story without someone trying to censor another person - and succeeding.

Fuck Sweden.

Fuck it bad.


  1. I wouldn't fuck this country---it might reproduce itself.
    This is one of the biggest threats to those of us who produce content on the internet: being forbidden any kind of freedom-of-personal-expression.
    Not being allowed to either express honest opinions or to make candid observations. No good can ever come from attitudes and ideals like this nor from any laws or rules based on such.
    Full self-expression is a must. Those who disagree can always express themselves accordingly, likewise. It's what's called "equitableness".

  2. Now that you mention it, fornicating with Sweden would replicate it and we don't want that. That aside, I used foul and strong language to make a point. As for the rest of your comment, quoted for truth - and honesty. I can't understand how any reasonable person would want it any other way. Hang on, wait. That's because we believe we can 'balance' free speech. Which of course, is total and utter nonsense.


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