National Food Policy: It Was A Matter Of Time

It's only logical people who believe so much in the fucking government's role in our lives were going to make a plea for a national food policy.

As I've repeatedly said, by the way, the day will come when bureaucrats will inspect your fridge and subsidies for groceries (let's call it the Everyone has the right to broccoli' law) will be the norm.


Think tobacco and the anti-smoking campaign from its 'humble' beginnings to what it is now. It was a matter of time before hacks were going to call for a ban in Massachusetts. It's already been banned in private spaces so why not go for broke?

Unfortunately, there's no real rational way to fight this. Our body politic is infested with such a remedial mindset it can't be defeated by reason. Why would anyone oppose such a common sense approach to helping others? This sort of pseudo-compassionate plea is destructive and replete with bad unintended consequences but they care none.

There's too much of it it's become impossible to tackle.

If you can't see how much of a bad idea it is to let the government - and let's be frank here, this is communism by other means - control our diets then you deserve nothing more than a helmet to go through life as a pathetic, useless pod.

Collapse and purge. Rinse. Repeat cycle.

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