Most Transparent Administration Ever

***Trigger Warning. White privilege rant. Reader discretion is advised. Especially if you're a sensitive, pea-brained progressive.***

Who believe in the ends justifies the means as long as they do it.

Get a load of this smug guy Jonathan Gruber:

Before I go on. Relevant:

Anyway. Most transparent administration ever. Remember that assertion by Obama?

Gruber is an MIT guy. He believes he knows what's best for you.

This is the face of arrogance.

Now get him his detonators.


Look. There's little difference between progressives of the 20th century who pushed the eugenics agenda with progressives of the 21st century as this smarmy smart-alec (who is not even a medical expert) attests.

Here's a quick, non-exhaustive list of progderp during my lifetime off the top of my head (never mind how they tended to gravitate towards an assortment of dictators and communists in the 20th century. That's for another post):

In the 1980s, progressives were masters of linking smoking to cancer and other diseases. Now, this in of itself is not wrong the base root of their concerns are legitimate. It's the application of laws set in policy is where they fuck up and go all control-screwy. For example, the common attitude was "We don't think people should smoke. It's bad for them. You're paranoid if you think we'll ban smoking in private homes and establishments."

Guess what? Not even 25 years later that's what we have and now there's talk of banning it in cars with kids in them to now towns looking to make it illegal. Prohibition all over with these pearl clutching weirdos.

In the 1990s progressives began to worry over food. As with smoking, they took a casual or strong link to a disease and took it for fact rooted in empirical scientific evidence. Carte blanche in their minds to come up with more 'one size fits all' nonsense. "We think obesity is a problem. No, no you're paranoid if you think one day we'll ban sodas and sugar."

Guess what? Not 20 years later we have exactly that. From Bloomberg's paternalism to Michelle's nannyism. From salt bans to compelling pharmacies to sell healthy foods. And it's not going to stop there if this pattern of habitual paternalism continues.

You think in the 2000s were any more 'wise?" The new craze among progs is to restrict or change free speech.

"We think people should respect each other and not be mean using words. You're a crazy, paranoid Koch-infested right-wing extremist if you think one day we'll make it illegal to say something offensive."

Oh, that's coming. And for that we just need to observe what's happening in Britain.  Notice what's going on in Universities and Colleges across the continent. It's not pretty when it comes to free speech. I've learned to ignore or distrust someone who describes themselves as 'tolerant.' Chances are they aren't.

"We feel you're not paying for your fair share. You're fucking crazy if you think we'll determine how much money and wealth you should have. Taxes are just a way to make things equal. Confiscatory is a right-wing word since you really didn't build that in the first place because the game is rigged in your favor and you inherited all this wealth at the expense of the rest of us. Ergo, it belongs to us."

Need I go on? If you still believe in prog ideas and logic, there's no amount of help or evidence or information that can change you. You'll just end up on the wrong side of history wondering where it all went wrong staring at a torn Lena Dunham poster...again.

None of these issues fall on any other spectrum but on the left side.

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