Schumer's Senseless Socialism

"Sen. Chuck Schumer (D., N.Y.) seems to believe that jobs created by Keystone XL pipeline are less important to the economy than other jobs because they will be located in “a limited and red part of the country.”

“Give me a break!” Schumer said.

Schumer’s speech on Tuesday included other head-scratchers besides downplaying people finding work in red states.

Schumer also said despite the midterm results that deep down, the “public knows in its gut” that bigger government is the “only way” for the middle class to prosper. Revealing a strategy for Democrats in 2016, Schumer said “they must embrace” big government to win."

He actually said that. Apparently, jobs created in 'red' states is not a good thing according to him. Imagine if a Republican said that about 'blue' states, eh?

Other than that...

That's where we're at these days. The belief that government creates prosperity.

So let me ask. How is what Schumer spewed not socialism?


  1. Shumer believes, firmly and resolutely, what Gruber said about the American voter. I must confess that I have the same opinion from time to time. The difference between me and Gruber? I then realize that the American voter has a right to be stupid.

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    2. Progressive big government types as a whole believe that. Hence, why they believe decisions are to be top-bottom because people are too stupid to make the 'right decision'. I'm like you, perhaps this is true for some things but WE HAVE A RIGHT to be stupid or make wrong choices. That's the point of liberty.


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