For The Children In Seattle

Remember my post about the evils of preventative action?

From comments:

In mid-October, the Seattle Parks department notified the Seattle Children’s PlayGarden that we would have to dismantle a much-loved play area, citing “extreme dangers” and “hazardous conditions”. These so-called liabilities consisted of a four-foot rope ladder, secured at its top and base, a simple tree swing suspended from a large cedar tree, and a unique nest made of thick rope and bicycle tires.

These simple play features may seem ordinary, but to our campers they are anything but. Here children with cerebral palsy, autism and developmental delays are encouraged and assisted as needed to climb and swing alongside their typically developing peers. The joy is palpable.
We complied with the order, but it has left a bitter taste in our mouths. Our kids have been robbed of the simple pleasure of climbing and swinging under a beautiful tree.

A private non-profit in in south central Seattle, the Seattle Children's PlayGarden is dedicated to providing children of all ages and abilities a safe, accessible and adventurous place to play away from therapy, doctor’s offices, tutoring and school. Thousands of children have played here over the last nine years under the supervision of PlayGarden staff or a parent’s watchful eye. There might even be a few lucky children who have played here free from any hovering adult.
None of them have been significantly injured — not a sprain nor a fracture nor a serious wound among them.

 From comments:

"Good grief, then your group should offer to get insurance and take on the liability from the City. If that costs too much, or isn't possible, then maybe that should tell you something.

How about working with the city to find a safe alternative that works instead of criticizing the Parks department from doing their jobs just because it inconveniences your program? Haven't we seen plenty of the OPPOSITE view of this article, where City officials get criticized because they don't address these issues? Look at the current hysteria by parents claiming that Parks let their children be exposed to radiation in Magnuson Park."

Good grief indeed.  Not to go Godwin or anything but Nazis were 'just doing their jobs' too. This strikes me of excessive, unjustified over reach.

It's people like this that make me want to vomit in their faces.

What part of there were no injuries in the 10 years it was up doesn't this statist-apologist asshole get?

Think things to their logical end idiot. If they can do this using such lame and specious excuses they can justify anything.

Other than that. It's the same crap in my business. An inspector can come on the premise and find "dangers" in anything without proof. It's the way it is. They know better and we just need to keep in line. Of course, they know absolutely jack shit.

Stop voting for Democrat or Liberal or NDP busy bodies. That is, if you value independence and liberty. These parties are infested with this kind of 'do something' mentality even where it's not warranted.  Not suggesting conservatives or Republicans don't do this but it happens far less with them mostly because lefties have controlled and have been in power for most of the time in North America.

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