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I steer clear from the crazies at Gawker and Jezebel and all the other insane feminist websites but this is too much.

"I don't care if you landed a spacecraft on a comet, your shirt is sexist and ostracizing "

Not that they realize it, but in one sentence they manage to expose just how myopic and broken inside they really are.

Never mind you landed a spacecraft on a comet going a gazillion miles an hour. Nope. Not a huge step for mankind. No. Let's focus and bitch and moan like a bunch of wastes about what world renowned physicist Matt Taylor wore to celebrate.

Funny part is this hack journalist is demanding an apology.

What the ESA accomplished with PHILAE goes way, way beyond the petty middlings of pseudo-thinkers.

Above, it's become boring and predictable. 

Other than that, where can I get that shirt? 

A far better rebuttal to my lazy one here.

When Did the Left Turn into Rick Santorum?

Several miserable harpies joined Ms. Eveleth on the public shaming, turning a staggering scientific achievement into a colloquy on restoring Victorian dress codes. For the record, the shirt was made by a woman named Elly Prizeman as a fun gift for her physicist friend. No doubt, she shall be placed in the village stockade for her grievous sin of consorting with a male and having her cartoon ladies show too much ankle. Her repentance will only be accepted when she covers them up in burkas.

Mr. Taylor then made the bad situation worse. Instead of telling these progressive puritans to go pound silicon dioxide, he issued a sobbing public confession straight out of a Maoist show trial. This guy just dropped a dishwasher on an ice cube 300 million miles from home and he’s groveling to a coven of D-list bloggers?

For years the left has characterized conservatives as joyless scolds forcing their morality on a resentful public. But they’ve upended this paradigm by becoming far more judgmental and censorious than so-called social conservatives like Rick Santorum ever conceived of being. The left is demanding so many recantations, the ghost of Torquemada is rolling his eyes and muttering awk-wrrrd. 





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