The Case Against Derp

And tonight on Masterderp Theater we present The Smith Sophian starring in The Case Against Capitalism (cue scary music):

Finding commonsense solutions to the problem of fare increases is complicated by the fact that drivers are locked into this “race to the bottom.” This phenomenon typically refers to the competition amongst nation states to attract business through increased deregulation. On the macro level, a race to the bottom typically results in the removal of valuable legislation, such as workers’ rights or environmental protection, in order to grow the economy. In the case of cab drivers, this race with Uber could lead to keeping wages and conditions at the worst possible level in order to compete with rideshare companies."

 This person has no clue how price and wage operate in a free economy. It's just nonsensical gibberish. Case in point,  'macro level' will lead to 'x' result. Only in a dogmatic left-wing world could such a statement be made about a complex and abstract organism like an economy inhabited by players interacting freely. Far, far, far greater minds have tried to make sense of it all and have struggled or even failed.

"...One could argue that Chicago cab drivers offer a better service but are losing to Uber because of trendiness and competitive prices..."

Consumers, notice, to this person are irrational. Then again, it's always the fall back excuse with progressives. The Democrats lost because people inexplicably 'vote against their interests'. It can't be because, you know, Uber has a better service at a better price. Of course not. It's a 'race to the bottom'.

Smug projection of mythical proportions.

"Competition, and capitalism more broadly, are inherently destructive. Uber and the cab companies provide an almost identical service and in a free market they both have a right to operate. Many people assert that Uber is simply the way of the future, and that the cab companies should not become complacent. It is in the interest of the capitalist to keep drivers’ wages low. This competition with Uber is just part of an overall process that makes workers desperate and alienated. We should not be content with a system that assumes this is acceptable. However, Marx might argue that this competition is a necessary part of history. Competition with Uber could lead to higher rates of unemployment, which could then lead to desperation, which will ultimately end in revolution."

Blah, blah, bling.

More incoherence. Capitalism is what brought us to this point. In fact, the author unwittingly reminds us who and what truly are 'destructive'. Left-wing ignorance and hatred of healthy competition in a free-market. To them, it's a zero-sum game of oppressed and oppressors. No ability to see the win-win potential of markets.

Uber is winning because Taxis aren't offering want consumers want. Simple as that. 

Introduce business, finance and economic courses in grade school.


For the children.

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