Dallas Cop Threatens Family

Dallas Cop threatens family and nothing happens.

Would it happen to you?

Don't answer.

"Dallas police say an officer was recorded making veiled threats to the mother of his child.
Officer Casarae Womble, 32, was arrested by child abuse detectives Friday on a misdemeanor harassment charge. Police said in court documents that Womble called the mother of his child about their break-up and had a conversation that was “quite heated.”

The woman, who was out of state for training but lives with Womble, recorded the call using a cellphone app, police said.

Womble allegedly threatened to hit the woman at her “core.” He then allegedly asked her, “what if you have to go to two funerals?”

“Whose funerals?” the woman replied.

“You figure it out,” Womble said, according to the police account. “I got two in my house right? I’ll hit you in the core.”


This man  asshole should be fucking fired.


But you're totally not capable of owning a gun. Right.

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