Laundry Detergent Pods, Derp, Pose Significant Risk, Derp

"Last year a Florida mother of a 7-month-old came back to her room to find that her baby had accidentally eaten one of those bright colored laundry detergent pods.

He had been sleeping in a laundry basket with the pod when it happened. They rushed him to the hospital, but it was too late. He died, of poisoning from the detergent, according to the Kissimmee, Florida, police department."

Tragic but...kid was sleeping in a laundry basket? 

"The colorful packets can easily be mistaken for candy. Doctors argue there must be more of an effort to prevent children from getting a hold of them. The study authors conclude that a new national safety standard is needed to improve product packaging and labeling. They call the pods a "real risk" to children."

Like, I don't know, not putting babies in laundry baskets or within reach of Tide? Is a national safety standard really necessary? Of course not. That was rhetorical. KEEP YOUR BABY UNDER LOCK AND KEY AT ALL TIMES IN THE PRESENCE OF THE FOLLOWING ITEMS: Name them.

"In 2012, New York Sen. Chuck Schumer called on the Consumer Product Safety Commission to make manufacturers put these pods in child proof packaging. He also wanted better labeling about the product's potential danger to children."

There isn't a over blown crisis Schumer isn't up to tackling for the children. I'm sure the labeling will help because, you know, 12-month old babies can read. 'Don't drink Javel. Very bad for you Timmy.'

More often than not, it's the irresponsible actions of parents that lead to deaths that can easily be avoided. But that won't stop politicians from 'doing something, anything.'

And as usual, the majority have to pay the price. 

There's nothing the government can do to prevent stupid and...tragic.


Obligatory from The Onion.

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