Shifting U.S. Cities

America's growing cities.


America's shrinking cities.

Notice most of the shrinking is in the rust belt. New York, Illinois, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey have all seen losses. Michigan and Ohio are particularly hit hardest. Five cities from Michigan and three from Ohio make up the top 10. In total a whopping 14 cities from Ohio are among the 69 cities represented while 10 are from Michigan. 10 are from New York/New Jersey.

Their loss is Texas's gain. Five cities from Texas make the top 10. Overall, a whopping 23 cities in Texas are growing compared to 18 from California while a modest seven cities in Florida and four in Arizona have seen a spike.

That's one source. USA Today provided its own list.

Long story short? Looks like Michigan and Ohio are hit hardest and Texas and California are doing well. Although I keep reading there is a net outflow out of California particularly businesses relocated to Texas and other southern states.

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