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From The Daily Tarheel:

"Due to racist prerequisites, some students of color or low socioeconomic status are excluded from pursuing certain majors. In eight semesters, it is nearly impossible to graduate with a bachelors of science in a STEM field if you must first complete a course in “College Algebra.” Most students who place out of this prerequisite can either afford the SAT Subject Tests or have access to a school with an adequate teaching staff for teaching Advancement Placement courses."

This is possibly the most ridiculous things I've ever read.

Disadvantaged upon arrival (DUA) is the new meme. Makes me wonder if they got this far how were they disadvantaged? And asking to take a fucking prerequisite is racist because you to pay for it?

Up next, why should poor black people who want to be engineers take math at all?

Bottom line is you need College Algebra (which I had to take as well). I can just see this kid complaining and blaming race- naturally - about the failure rates among blacks in the future.

To paraphrase Mayor Quimby: Are these people getting louder or dumber?

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