Tumbleweed And Crickets

Still not a single word from Obama's Magical Narcissistic Tour on the mentally challenged kid who was kidnapped and tortured by four black teens.

I guess Obama already used the old 'if I had a son it would look like him' routine.

Not a single word about what that poor kid went through. Yet, there were no riots; calls to 'burn the bitch down'.

Is anyone - outside the cult of course - actually buying half the drivel he's been spewing?

I caught a couple of seconds of his last press conference (not sure why since he had a farewell speech but a few days ago that went longer than three of his predecessors combined) earlier today. Aside from his continued breath taking display of hubris - he says he will step in each time Trump does something he thinks is wrong. He won't even have the class and dingily to just step aside and be gone - he said 'he's worried about slowing growth'.

Funny. He never seemed to care about the muted growth during his time as President and has in fact been among the lowest on record.

But hey. This from a guy who claimed he was the '4th best President ever' two years into office, claims O-Care was okey-dokey awesome, relations with Russia improved, race relations were healthy  and had the most transparent administration in history.

All - to put it mildly - dubious assertions.

A sub-par Presidency closes with bizarre claims of successes that never transpired.

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