The Reaction To Trump Is More Troubling Than The Man

These protests and boycotts from people to academics we're witnessing. They stink of vain superficiality.

Where the fuck were they during Obama's wars in the Middle-East?


From brazen calls for his assassination to beating up Trump supporters, the content of their character - or lack thereof -  is on full display.

Anti-intellectual and full of shit.


  1. Hi, alex, this is Man of Roma. Trump is troubling nonetheless, imo, and in any case you people who support him have now to endure what the Obama people had to endure with the Tea Party, the birthers and so on. This is politics in a divisive world, my friend.
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    Hope all is well with you and family. Non vieni mai a Roma?

  2. So nice of you to drop by! Caro mio, do not mistake my position - which is admittedly growing in its complete annoyance with progressives - as *supporting* Trump. Oh dear me, there's more than enough to criticize him - and I will eventually get to that once the dust settles. It's divisive but it'll pass. I don't believe it to be rooted in any sense of principles for if it were, they would have been protesting throughout the previous administration as well. They just don't like the new guy who beat their asses down. Believe you me, we talk every other day of coming to Rome! It will happen. Thanks for the link. Will visit. Always considered your writings, content and commenters to be of high intellectual quality. If anything, it reminds me of my own, shall we say, short comings! A presto.

  3. I am just worried, among other things, about his character, his skin being too thin and about the fact that it takes only 4 minutes, as far as I understood, from the order to nuke and the actual execution of it. As for the intellectual quality of my writings I get goose bumps from embarassement when I re-read them.

  4. I mean, goose bumps from the terrible narcisism that some of my writings did show.

  5. HA! Same here.

    I wouldn't worry about Trump. The 'nuclear' thing is absurd. Just hysteria courtesy of the freaked out liberal media; I'm much more concerned about the direction of freedom of speech and the behaviour of the lying media. Obama was thin-skinned too (and quite arrogant) and he had the country at war every single day for eight years. He was a pretty bad leader. They'll survive Trump; and quite frankly some of his ideas are needed and something Americans have been discussing for years and years.


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