The Trudeau Train Wreck Continues: Because It's 2017

So how is this stupid campaign caravan going for Justin - Pop Tart Parmigiana - these days?

Not terribly swell I reckon.

And Canadians aren't holding back as another round of mocking has taken place.

I have no idea what's in Justin's head these days.

He consistently manages to display a penchant for boneheaded and baffling comments.

The one about him refusing to answer a person who asked a question in English in the language it was asked as is, you know,  effen-bleeping customary in civil settings, is just another notch under a belt filled with fluff and stupidity.

Aside from the lack of wisdom on full display (yes, let's show our kids to be ethno-linguistic chauvinists with little regard for others),

No. Saying 'because it's Quebec' is not a justification for being an asshole toward her.

Quite frankly, it's reminiscent of bus drivers or other low-brow nationalists who scream, 'parle moi en francais calice c'est le Quebec!'

It's the principle reason why - whoosh - my kid is outta here as soon as possible and here's this dolt reinforcing a most improper behaviour we work hard to avoid.

It seems the harder he tries to 'connect' or sound like 'one of the guys' the most preposterous he comes off. He tries too hard and it's not coming off well.

He should take a page from Obama who just meekly and incompetently ran his country for eight years. Where he spectacularly failed, he made sure he carefully and meticulously crafted an image of himself. It started before his election and he made sure to present an image of himself for the masses.

Someone said Trump is the first reality President. Here's the thing. Obama LAID THE TRACKS for that to happen. He was the 'social media' President; the first pop culture President where everything he did from photo-ops to hitting the talk show circuit was purposely orchestrated.

Nothing was real.

Trudeau tries the same sort of shtick with his rolled up sleeves and emotional pleas but if you're going to go full blown superficial do it right. He's less pop culture and more pop tart.

Is it too much to ask? Can't Canadians do anything right?

Keep it up Liberals. Bravo!

I never thought I'd see the day where I would have so little confidence or respect for our political masters.

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