1984 Sales Spike; Illiberals Being Illiberal

So. Sounds like people are rediscovering Orwell's 1984.

If it's because of Trump then here's my take.

Don't be fooled.

Progressives, who lack principles or any consistent logical framework particularly when it comes to interpreting history, will suddenly equate 1984 with Trump.

But this be wrong. Just like Trump = fascism or is 'literally' Hitler as one dope-ignormi put it.

As this blog (and many others like it) painfully and painstakingly has shown, where there is censorship, violence and general totalitarian world views you can bet you find progressivism behind it Progressivism is NOT about liberty and freedom. It's, at its base root, *benevolent* authoritarianism; the benevolence of course being offset by state coercion and force.

Progressivism is where a bunch of middling scared and cynical individuals about human nature hand over their existence to 'experts' to deal with the parts they're unwilling to deal with face on.

It's a most cowardly ideology. One that is anti-humanist.

If moral and intellectual agency is to be stripped at the individual level and handed to the state, how can it not be?

To hide this jaded view of humanity, they will claim to do so in the 'best interest' of people or the mythical 'greater good'. They will further absurdly point to the ridiculous 'social contract' in cementing this take.

Don't be swayed by all they laughing hyena screams. 1984 is the world of socialism, communism, Marxism, Fascism and Nazism - all, every single one of them, under the left-wing umbrella.

When you read 1984 it should be clear as clear that what's being described is a left-wing existence.

For example, one just has to look at university campuses to see Newspeak in full action. The rejiggling and reassembling of the vernacular comes from the left side of the coin. The perpetual state of violence is, again, a fetish of the left. Mostly because it feels itself, with messianic zeal, to be in the right on all things.

The shutting down of intellectualism and social engineering (diversity programs, political correctness, affirmative action, intellectual and moral relativism etc.) is exclusively coming from the left. From its self-loathing of Western history (because white privilege) to capitalism. It has to rework and reinvent history because they're looking to hijack it into its own image and manifests itself into queer and unreason where, say, economic literacy is concerned.

Lord, did people not see how the media operates during the election? If that doesn't ring your noggin...


Don't believe me? Exhibit 485775676 (Natasha Lennard of The Nation drops the mask and embraces violence) of the natural conclusion and logical end of progressivism is violence. Righteous violence.

The Inferno is another Western masterpiece. If anything, such people would find their own spot in hell.

In other words, progressivism is illiberal.


They're just buying the book to look cool. Never under estimate the power of 'virtue signalling' and superficiality with this bunch.


Illiberalism at work. Courtesy of the Democrat party of the United States (and really, the Liberal party of Canada) and Sally Boyton Brown:

Any questions?

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