How A Guaranteed Income Would Work

Given all the nonsensical economic theories we believe (spending out of recession, minimum wages etc.), it's not that hard to envision what the political class - in all their poppycock thinking - would implement a GI.

Basically, and cutting right to the chase, it would mean setting aside a segment of the population we deem 'rich' and arbitrarily determining what the income level makes one rich and tax the living shit out of it.

Take the money, hand it over to the 'poor' regardless of whether they deserve it or not (thus enabling those who don't) and rejoice!

You did your bit to save civilization; humanity.

The End.

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  1. They'll have to avoid the possibility of mass riots somehow.
    And since so many people are not properly prepared to go out into this world by the time they come "of age" ...


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