The Merging Of Commerce And Ideology: Not A Good Trend; Delete Progressivism

Protestors are demanding companies take a political stand.

This is an awful idea that will not end well for anyone.

The left is looking to politicize every facet of our existence.

We must resist this ideologically driven temptation. I don't think they understand at all what they're advocating. In a twist of irony, by asking companies like Uber to take a stand they're advocating for a variant of fascism (merging of corporate and political interests). It's interesting that for a group claiming to be rational secularists (who like to invoke 'separation of church and state' when it comes to religious action on gay marriages) won't extend this concept to business who freely choose to not get involved; as they ought to.

It's not only grossly unfair (since people do not share political views) it's neither logical nor sensible.

And immoral.

Why should a business isolate or alienate a segment of the population that doesn't agree with you? Once again, the left are showing themselves to be shallow as they are intolerant driven by ignorance of the facts.

Let our business conduct commerce free of such constraints. If not, the unintended consequences will fall squarely on the shoulders of progressives.


Try #deleteprogressivism


This is in no way to defend the latest EO by Trump. It's at best confusing (and unfair) and probably won't lead to better vetting. However, where were the partially outraged when Obama started this trend?

Maybe Trump is expanding it, I don't know but it's best to recall Presidents always build on what their predecessors did. Obama, for example, expanded Bush's wars.

These are things that should be considered and discounted in whatever reaction one may instinctively have.

It helps to keep a healthy perspective and skepticism. 

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