On SNL And Liberty

Regarding the writer Katie Rich.


It's really simple.

First, imagine if a conservative had gone after Obama's girls like that?


Look at how unhinged the left are about a legitimate election when their guy doesn't get in. Look at the sycophancy (as we saw on SNL with that laughably sophomoric tribute to Obama - a man who was at war every day of his Presidency. Or the credit he gets for gay marriage as Ellen showed today. He evolved! No he didn't. He only went there when it was politically safe to do so).

They would have gone after a conservative or any other with blind rage demanding they lose their job (think CEO of Mozilla) as well as look for some blood. It's not enough to challenge someone's views. You must destroy their life. Another example is those asshole fag (here the term applies) couples ruining businesses who chose to not do business with them.

There's a place waiting in The Inferno for their false self-righteousness.

They mask their claims of justice behind good old fashioned vindictiveness.

Which brings me to a point about free speech.

I have no problem with what she said. It was stupid. It was insensitive. It was ignorant. And sure wasn't funny (though I'm sure some progressives pounded the table saying, 'so true!') and it showed the contempt the left has for people they disagree with.

It was a failed smug swipe at a kid and homeschooling.

Double fail.

But she's entitled to it. And I don't think she should be in a position to apologize unless it comes from the heart or lose her job; which she won't I reckon.

This is the difference in principled intellectuality that sets our side from theirs. They hold others to a high standard while rarely holding themselves to it.

We apply our beliefs of liberty to ALL PEOPLE.

Be it this writer or a Nazi or whomever.

You either have freedom of expression and speech, or you don't I argue.

I would hope progressives understand this point but judging by how they're screaming, crying and acting, it doesn't look like.

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