Sore Loser Leftists Will Protest Friday

A bunch of losers talking 'truth to power' and exercising their right to protest will take their Trump Deranged Syndrome to the streets for all to see.

On display will be vapid babbling masking as principles. It will be a spectacular orgasm of salty tears.

Over/under there will be vandalism and/or violence?

Updated. Someone I know who lives in Northern California sent a group of us this:

"Oakland, CA is expecting "peaceful demonstrations of free speech" on
Friday and Saturday. Here's some common-sense tips they've sent around,
the typical sorts of suggestions you'd expect at other free speech
events or parades, just like Veterans' Day:
*Please consider these safety tips:*

  * Be sure your business and home are well lit. Good lighting increases
    visibility—and also increases the effectiveness of any video
    surveillance system.
  * If possible, park your car in a secure, off-street location.

  * Bring in your trash receptacles or secure them.

  * Bring in any outdoor furniture, signs, flower pots or other
    unsecured fixtures that could be used to break a window.
  * If you have a surveillance system, be sure it is in good working
    order and is turned on. Save recordings to help document criminal

Aside from putting all the responsibility on the victim, notice that they already know the sort of idiots who are going to be present.

Again, whenever conservatives protested - i.e. Tea Party - not a hint of violence or littering. When the left take to the streets they leave a path of vandalism, destruction and sometimes violence (only a small minority! Funny how they don't say this when they label Trump a racist for getting an endorsement from the KKK - a tiny minority). 

It's all projection. When they call anyone and everyone a racist, it means they're race obsessed.

Of course, they've expanded this with 'you're a racist and don't know it' rhetoric. This is how they corner people. 

Ugly and anti-intellectual. 

This is the progressive movement.

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