Of Shallowness And Littering

Ever notice when progressives protest, jurisdictions have to prepare for it as if going to war setting riot police onto the streets? They do it not because they want to go bust some heads but because there's a track record of left-wingers attacking police, committing acts of vandalism and violence. There are more arrests of left-wingers beating up Trump supporters than vice-versa (so far, I've yet to see an example of Trump supporters doing anything remotely on the scale of what the left has done).

Even in university's the path to free speech is through riot police because progressive tolerance tends to get violent.

Check out the mess after yesterday's women's march. I still don't know what it's about exactly. Abortion rights? I think they already have that. One of their grievances is to extract more free shit or no taxes on women's hygiene products like tampons. Of course, it was another excuse to throw a hissy fit about Hillary losing.

I can just picture these pampered women dropping their sings and splitting for the nearest Starbucks patting themselves on the back for a job well done.

Meanwhile, have you EVER seen a lick of littering or violence at Pro-Life or Tea Party or any conservative rallies or protests?

How you treat public spaces configures into the overall framework that constitutes values and principles. Ironic that the people who scream for the expansion of government and public 'welfare' and 'services' mistreat it the most, while the ones who would prefer smaller government nonetheless treat it with respect.

In other words, they're pigs who expect others to pick up after them.


As someone put it:

"My choice. My body. My life.

Your bill.

So, me-me-me until the check comes due, then it takes a village.

Prog-mind distilled."

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