Freeland's Bizarro PC Progressive Mindset Won't Serve Canada Well With U.S. Relations

Just my hunch based on what I've seen of Freeland so far - including her pointless performances on The McLaughlin Group prior to entering politics and her books.

Yeh. This won't end well for the Liberals.

Hey, Justin. I offer my services.Sounds like you're running thin there. I only offer my services because I don't want to see Canada further embarrassed by the Liberals. Consider me a temporary mercenary.  I guarantee, at the minimum, I won't make any worse of a mess.

I have a knack with strong, alpha-male winner take all personalities like the ones running the show in the USA now.

None of this 'Diversity is our strength' crap that will get you nowhere. Just plain, plump no bull shit, call out bull shit, straight in your face diplomacy.

Trust me. A guy like Trump is going to respect and appreciate this more than any shtick Freeland may bring.

I'll do it for a trip to the Bahamas. It'll be my pleasure in the service of Canada.


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