Mr. Leitao: You Greatly Disappoint

Yes, I know the Liberals are under great pressure given there's an election next year to give the hard left a bone.

But...Quebec is on a poor economic path with a carbon tax and increases in minimum wages starting in 2017.

The left keeps saying $15 minimum wage 'allows for someone to live in dignity'. Which is ridiculous because there's no way to empirically determine what 'wage' achieves a vague term like 'dignity'.

Alas, this is their MO. Appeal to the emotion. Not facts.

What's also absurd is a blanket, one-size fits all minimum wage across an economy with different speeds, considerations, pay and tax structures, growth and other nuances the left ignores or don't understand assumes the economy is a zero-sum organism with no dynamism.

It's so irrational I can't even begin to break it down.

What more, this magical, arbitrary 'figure of dignity' originated in the USA.

So basically, according to the brain dead, the optimum wage to live a life of dignity is $15.

Got that you assholes who earn $14? You have no dignity according to these buffoons.

Here's what's going to happen:

Wages go up, workers who jump to $15 will piss off those who earned it and they, in turn, will demand a raise thus triggering a domino of irrational price and wage distortions. Prices will go up, purchasing power will go down, unemployment will raise, full-time hours will drop, part-time will increase and the ENTIRE province will be poorer for it because the theory of 'if you pay them more they will spend it' will not transpire since on the aggregate they will be worse off.

/deep breath.

And with this increased drop in purchasing power and higher cost of living comes pressure to maintain the welfare state and union pensions (and civil servants in camouflage pants) who will demand taxpayers cover any shortfalls which will lead to still more taxes on the middle-class.

Circle of life. Proven fact. We see it developing right before our eyes in Europe and some jurisdictions in North America.

All for a lousy vote pandering to destructive progressive forces.


Quebec just kept its privileged status as an economic backwater on the continent.

My advice to the young and ambitious: Move.

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