Quebec's Education Propaganda

Seems like Quebec - surprise - is trying to pass a fast one on any history that may not be 'pure laine'.

English speaking school boards have raised concerns about the new history curriculum that it doesn't consider the English, Native and immigrant facts enough.

Quelle surprise and par for the course here. Ironic nationalists constantly say 'it's a matter of respect' while showing little of it to its minorities except to throw the occasional bone.

It's good that they're fighting for their communities but it does point to the sad state of affairs history finds itself in. Quebec likes to claim other places are 'insular' but it's up to the task of ensuring it does its part.

Here's a thought. If it the new curriculum does pass and if we care about our past then simply set time  during the course to go rogue and explain to the students the parts the government conveniently overlooks.

Seems to me this is a good way to teach students how propaganda enters the school system, no?

So where, say, the government ignores the St. Leonard Riots (too many French Quebecers have no idea why us 'ethnics' speak English. They seem to think we 'chose' this thus permitting themselves to forever believe their language is under threat further leaving them vulnerable to onerous paternalist and punitive language laws that actually hurt them for lack of choice. Not sure if this was done by design. If so, quite Machiavellian. If not, meh. More short sighted decisions that hurt Quebecers in the long run), you take 10 or 15 minutes to teach the students such facts. Of course, given it goes off the curriculum it would be 'alternative'.

But we shouldn't give a shit.

Hold your line and stand by history.

If Quebec wants to exclude itself from facts thinking such actions is good for the province let them.

History has a funny way of coming back to bite you in the ass.

In other words, stop thinking like bloody civil servants and defy the government by teaching our students the accurate facts; the truth. Don't feed them to Quebec's propaganda machine.


All this points to the reality that public education is failing students; our children as it were. And people have taken notice and are increasingly voicing their concerns.

Plenty of great thinkers and educators alike have been warning the system is broken and clearly reform from within is not going to happen as they're too many entrenched interests to crack.

Education shouldn't be about teacher's pensions and strikes.

Which is why I've jumped on board with the numerous ideas out there from Charter schools (which really are just public schools run better and a 'temporary' or perhaps precursor of the coming education revolution.

The system, in its current form, is antiquated. Outmoded. Not working. Maybe once upon a time it worked because it's job was essentially churn out workers for the labor force. But in case you haven't notice, the work force has changed dramatically in the last 30 years. No more are we a 'cubicle 9 to 5' economy. So why are cramming and forcing kids into drab building as just bricks in the wall sitting at their desks wondering to themselves 'why am I here?'

Today it takes a free spirit and independent mind to navigate through a highly fragmented and mobile economy. You need to be agile and adventurous.

The system is not able to 'unlock' all that untapped potential. If anything, it's damaging it.

There will always be a public education I think. But where parents want alternative schooling, let them. Don't get in their way. After all, it's not of YOUR BUSINESS how parents educate their children and at what institutions.

A true and open educational landscape is the only way to go. Imagine that landscape filled with literally dozens upon dozens of competing school options with varying degrees of philosophies?

Imagine the kids on your street each with their own education background. It would be true diversity at work.

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