On Stupidity Of The Left

At the moment, progressives are jumping sharks left, right and centre.

Over dinner, some friends and I brushed over talking about secessionist movements in North America (i.e. Western parts of North America, Vermont, California and of course Quebec).

The thing about secessionist movements is that it usually takes a trigger point to galvanize people into action and it's not usually ideologically or philosophically driven.

What drives humans to action is basically the rising price of bread and taxes. Lack of access with the former and excessive abuse of the latter and you get some pretty pissed off people. This is the essential history of mankind.

Don't confused this with expansionism of tribes, kingdoms and nation-states. Populist revolts act independent of state power.

The philosophy part, only happens once the people clear a path for it. People, in general, don't care much about that stuff but it is important for the ideals of a community and nation.

People care about the economy; their pocket books and how they can care for their families.

When the Americans challenged the English because of tyranny via abuse of taxes, the people had had enough. They revolted but all the while the thinkers in the colonies were operating in parallel to what the colonists were doing. They had been observing and developing their ideas.

The rights of man, universal principles of men being equal before God and the law - stuff like that. Ideas that were to be incorporated for the first time inhuman history into The Constitution. The birth of the free man where he held inalienable rights that the government could not take away started with the birth of the United States. True, the philosophy of the free man had been around since at the very least the Roman Republic and had evolved into The Magna Carta and eventually the U.S. Constitution. It's a process; a terribly long, arduous process for the natural default position of man is tyranny.

As we've seen, humans will fight for their freedoms and there's no doubt they will continue to do so so long as forces seek to take it away. Once the victory is sealed this is when the ideal and principles and value of a nation are created - both romantic and legal.

It's an imperfect starting point.

Where progressives fall flat is they prey on those imperfections as a weapon to invalidate based on contemporary considerations and perceptions.

They consistently fail and refuse to keep history in its proper place and perspective. Hence, you get a sort of grotesque stab at intellectualism with a 'yeah well, we depend to much on The Constitution because it was all dead white guys who couldn't envision how complex we are and slavery'.

It's irrational to dismantle your foundation to fit a modern narrative.

Think if you did that to structure; be it a building or home.

It would collapse.

When university English departments take down paintings of Shakespeare to prop up a niche, modern poet, they're not progressing. They're willingly taking part in the destruction of the foundation that laid the ground work to reach this point.

Once you get the gist on how the mindset works, it's no surprise of what you see in the after math of the Trump election. What we're witnessing is less principles in action and healthy skepticism but just a generic form of a public tantrum borne out of indifference and ignorance of our Western heritage.

And plain old stupidity.

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