Trudeau Still Pretending To Be A Leader

Congratulations to the women and men across Canada who came out yesterday to support women's rights. You keep your government inspired.

Activism is that way, Justin. aka Pop Tart Lasagna.
Oh. Who are the leaders of this group?
Check this out.
"Seven people were in custody yesterday on charges of second-degree murder and kidnapping in connection with the death of a Long Island real- estate broker whose body was found locked in a trunk in a Manhattan apartment Saturday. 
The police said the victim, 60-year- old Thomas Vigliarolo of Jericho, had been missing since March 20, when he left his home to meet a client in New Jersey. 
On April 2, his business partner received a ransom demand for $435,000, according to a police spokesman, Sgt. Diane Kubler. 
An autopsy yesterday found that Mr. Vigliarolo had died of asphyxiation, said Dr. Beverly Leffers, a deputy chief medical examiner. 
Mr. Vigliarolo's body was found in an apartment at 115 West 142d Street. Those charged were Selma Price, 46, of that address; Rita Peters, 20, and Donna Hilton, 20, both of the Bronx; Maria Talag, 24, of Queens, and Woodie George Pace, 40, Louis Miranda, 64, and Angeles Marlano, 62, all of Manhattan. The police said Miss Talag had been a friend of Mr. Vigliarolo."

She changed a letter in her name looks like. It also sounds like she had a rough upbringing but still....Free moral agency.
How despicable is this? To be a part of torturing a human being is Karla Homolka territory. It's deranged.
I wonder how many of them supported or voted for Bill Clinton. Wooooo!
/pumps chest.

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