Climate Change: The Great Lie And Redistribution Scam And Scheme Of Our Times

I was thinking the other day what was the greatest deception in the last 20 years?

I asked myself this because humans have an innate small talent for deception. We love to be deceived and deception we get from our political and academic masters. See, they're smart. They know how to prick our little minds to get our votes.

And then come in the charlatans and cronies (your Al Gores and Bill Nyes of this world) who go around screaming all sorts of brimstone bull shit. Why you may ask? Hello. There's a buck to be made off it. It's a cottage industry onto itself.

And for governments it was the perfect excuse to raise taxes more (thus eroding our ability to achieve  wealth as well as our purchasing power.

Climate change is now the all encompassing existential threat to our existence they tell us. Even if it were wouldn't be able to do a god damn fucken thing about it no matter what David Suzuki says.

Notice the three people I've mentioned so far are not climate scientists or physicists. Two are engineers and the other is a lab technician or something.

With the parasites and cronies clamouring to get at our tax dollars the government is all too ready to steal in the name of climate change we now turn our attention to the political ideologues.

Here we see your Naomi Kleins who want to uproot capitalism and install, well, I'm not sure what they want because they have no principles or well thought-out plan of action so let's just call it pipi caca. Or socialism. What's the difference?

Naomi makes a mint off your fear. Capitalism has no interest in keeping us poor or having us dead because of climate change. Know why? Capitalism is a state of mind. It's the most complex system of trade ever devised. And it works. Capitalism doesn't want to destroy earth. If the profit incentive is there, it will save earth; if it needs saving. Which it doesn't.

That's just the retardation of man's hubris thinking he - or she or it - can save the fucken globe.

Dipshits like Gore who keep telling us to act now or else!

You have to be, sorry, a complete dolt to buy into the biggest bull shit scam of our times.

You're now poorer for it in your pocket. And for what? Will they achieve anything with, for example, carbon taxes? What will they do with the money? Do they really think it's going to discourage our driving behaviour? Does levying a carbon tax sounds like sensible policy to you when it extends to cremation?



Of course not. But it will shave some points off the old GDP I can tell you that.

That's a-okay to scam artists like Klein who have bet their careers on this and have shielded themselves from any negative consequences that come of it.

Ah, yes. The unintended consequences. Heaven forbid we explore and investigate the secondary impact of our actions. They certainly don't want that.

This is why we also have, to add to the group mentioned above, the aim to control the language. 'Deniers' and 'it's settled' and 'irrefutable' is the language of the Church (ironic given the left absolutely loathe religion. Methinks there's a little projection at play as well) not of science.

My own personal favorite in the lexicon of climate system change religion is the 'consensus' crap. As if this is how science works. Like some sort of tribal democracy. There is no consensus in science. That's just a stupid made up lie to get you to go along with their bull shit. The idea of consensus is just as vapid as believing you can *balance* free speech.

Every time someone trots out the '97% of scientists agree!' it makes me want to snort cocaine.

I mean, how dare you challenge 97% of scienticians, right? What about the other 3%? Did you flog them? Shun them at the cock tail party? Do they have a say in any of this?

It's staggering that anyone, with all that we know about this movement, in a real debate would even dare go there. Yet, politicians do it all the time waving their arms and wagging their fingers as if it's set in stone. 97% my ass. It's been proven to be false with most of the people cited in that original source not even being climate scientists and still others didn't give permission for their work be cited let alone use their names.

Deception is a warm gun.

The more extremists among this 'new religion' want to imprison (we used to call this excommunicate back in the day) 'deniers'.

The faulty premise, poor methodology and manipulation of data must never be exposed.

Of course. It's only natural when you have a collection of anti-capitalist progressives, pant shitters, cronies, crooks and remedial academics looking to score big they're going to double down and protect all they've worked for.

They've managed to convert, for you can't have an effective cult, without unfulfilled people convinced of man's wretched nature. You seem them all over the place. From setting up stupid websites like 'I love fucking science' (which they don't), 'Fighting for climate' (which makes no sense since you can't 'fight' Mother Nature; fuck the metaphorical allegory. That's designed to fool you), passionate celebrities too stupid or blinded to see they're being manipulated, and of course, the famous conferences. Conferences in swanky places where elites use planes to reach leaving a yyyyuge fucken carbon foot print.

The hypocrisy, and it's in plain sight for all to see, is quite astonishing in its hutzpah really.

Plenty of sensible people and worthy and respected scientists have pleaded for us to not be so gullible and stupid.

However, the situation has become so politicized and corrosive, they're shunned and shouted down. They've been pushed out to make room for their climate change colleagues. I can just imagine the shenanigans behind the scenes. Gotta get those research grants.

Ever notice, as I've observed, whenever someone tries to engage the cultists a couple of things happen? First, the cultist demand proof and citations as if the burden of proof is with the 'denier'. This is not how free exchange of ideas works; let alone science with its empiricism. Second, they will simply scoff at whatever is presented - mostly through ad hominen (Wattsup with that? Lomborg? Ha,ha,ha!) or the sheer arrogance that if a study or paper is cited is/was funded by private interest it's somehow *bad*.

This is how they shut down debate.

So here we are. Signing useless pieces of papers pledging nonsensical and arbitrary targets. May as well piss in the wind.

This is where we're at.

No different than the old Catholic Church and Salem Witch Hunts. Lunatics, shysters, and extremists run and dictate the show.

And they're telling us we'd better believe or else.

It matters none the majority of their fucken predictions since the 1920s have been dead wrong and never panned out. It matters none that this is a Western preoccupation (1st world problem as it were) and not of great concern to developing nations who want to grow their economies and feed their populations. Where want to shut down sweat shops (our term), they want to work to pay for basics we take for granted like medicine. Alas, they care little of that. What matters is they impose their environmental standards and perceptions upon all nations regardless of any ramification it entails (e.g. death for lack of heating or not having access to electricity to store medicine as we see in Africa) and the needs of nations who are forced to toe the line. What do they care? Solar panels and wind mills (those pillars of progress killing eagles) because big picture, correct? Never mind the havoc it wreaks on people and the enormous waste  of money!

Who shall pay? Why, you of course? You - us - the taxpayer. 'The Forgotten Man' as William Graham Sumner put it.

"As soon as A observes something which seems to him to be wrong, from which X is suffering, A talks it over with B, and A and B then propose to get a law passed to remedy the evil and help X. Their law always proposes to determine what C shall do for X or, in the better case, what A, B and C shall do for X. ... [W]hat I want to do is to look up C. ... I call him the Forgotten Man. Perhaps the appellation is not strictly correct. He is the man who never is thought of. He is the victim of the reformer, social speculator and philanthropist, and I hope to show you before I get through that he deserves your notice both for his character and for the many burdens which are laid upon him."

Sucker. Where you're expected to pay for the welfare state you're now being asked to redistribute still more of your income into something as irrational (and it really is irrational) as climate change. They want to shift your money to the environment. Cut bono?

Not you that's for sure. You may get a tap on the bum or a '12th player' award to patronize you but little else.

The question now becomes when will we be rid of this scourge keeping us in a kind of dark age where this subject is concerned? For me, the time wasted on this is precious time and resources that could be put to better use elsewhere. We don't see the opportunity cost of our dimwited actions rooted in irrational fear and unreason.

This is the biggest travesty of it all.

So we wait.

It'll come.

But logic and reason have been pushed to the sidelines for now. Let the idiots make a mess of things. They will overplay their hand. And when they do. The real smart people will come in, clean it up and reset man onto a proper course of true progress.

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