The Faux Self-Righteous Disgrace And Fall Of The Democrat Party

Something like 50 Democrats will not be present at Trump's inauguration opting for a sophomoric 'sit-in' as if they're still in college. The party that cried, screamed and whined about 'accepting results' have been nothing but a bunch of disgraceful and undignified nitwits. The whole point of the smooth transition is to pass on power with grace to keep the nation moving forward. Yet, here they are backstabbing this etiquette because they can't man up and be mature enough to shut the fuck up and do the right thing.

Imagine if conservatives did this with Obama?

There was no love for him but they didn't go this far. Which is telling really.

I thought elections had consequences?

The party that lost nearly 1000 seats may lose even more if they keep doubling down like this.

America is for winners.

Not losers.

And Democrats are losers.

Poor ones too.

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