Why Denying Ivermectin Is The Biggest Crime In Our Lifetime

Ivermectin works.

I'm not a scientist. But I can research and read.

And I've read enough to notice a clear pattern. This is a safe drug that is being maliciously maligned.

The question becomes why? 

As if the media hasn't made clear they're part of whatever agenda officials have in store playing the part of useful idiots, but they latest attack on Ivermectin is just the latest example of their 'Duranty' moment deceiving people of the truth.

The body of evidence on Ivermectin is pretty clear that it helps prevent hospitalizations.

So next time you hear a public official tell people they need to get vaccinated or have to use a passport to live because of 'hospitalizations' know that they're NOT doing everything in their power to help or save people. The truth is, Ivermectin can help put an end to the measures. But they don't want that.

Too much invested in the vaccines. Are your eyes open? The push is so hard, it should make people ponder what exactly is going on. 

They're lying. Until they accept treatment protocols as part of the fight, they're cynically and criminally harming people for political purposes. 

These past 18 months have been absolutely shocking on levels I can't imagine. I never thought there was this much evil.

But there is.

All for power and control.

Any 'expert' who actively denies Ivermectin, is complicit in the many crimes committed during the Covid hysteria.

History won't be kind. 

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