Canada And Passports: An Utter Disgrace That Defies Morality, Logic And Science

Now the idiots in Manitoba have decided to join in on the passports obscenity.

Is no on one in the in positions of power not voicing opposition? What part of t's blatant discrimination don't they get?

What is going on here?

We're up to four provinces now instituting this unethical and noxious nonsense while Canadians - like usual - sit back apathetically clueless to what this could all mean.

This is not about a virus anymore. 

Vaccinated can contract and do transmit the virus so what the hell are we doing we here!??! There is no way Canadian officials do not know vaccinated people do transmit. There is no way they do not know vaccines alone will not lead to herd.

So what is the motivation here exactly? To punitively punish the unvaccinated? To extract more people to vaccinate? We're tapping out at a rough average of 75% in the West. This is as good at gets in a FREE SOCIETY where people have FREE CHOICE. 

The amount of precedence that has been set in Canada is shocking and likely not reversible. And Canadians let it all happen for a man-made virus with a 99.98% survival rate! Now it's 'i don't want to catch it!' that dives the mindset. If this is the case, then it's time for these scared people who think this way  to stay home.

Canadian leaders are not being honest with the people. They haven't told the truth in proper context for 18 months now. 

Canada and its people are an utter disgrace. Watching the segregation curtain slowly drop on us is perhaps the worst episode during this entire disgraceful 18 months. There is nothing normal or intelligent about this.

It's ABNORMAL. Particularly given the facts about this virus. A virus that is indeed acting like a seasonal flu now. 

Stand on guard for thee and follow the science my ass.

This is segregation. Full stop.

And you're all accepting this. 


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