The More Vaccinated A Country; The Higher The Cases


Look it up.

Israel and Australia.

Ironically, these are the two countries that published two ground breaking studies one showing natural immunity being 13x better than the vaccines and the other of the benefits of Ivermectin.

Quebec and Canada will be like Israel.

Israel is now onto their 4th shot.

Real effective, eh?

Canada need to get off the vaccine cult.

Look forward to when the psychos in Quebec (who are basically saying we will live like this for a long time. Which means I'm just about to begin the process of moving from here) start on the boosters.


Speaking of incompetent buffoons, Dr. Doom Dube was striking a pessimistic tone about Delta in the fall. 

So I guess the vaccines, passports, masks and all the other measures in places are futile right?

But keep on it Christian. Bang up job.

No ability to reassess and shift. Nope. Just pseudoscience harder.

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