Sweden Bars Travellers From Israel

God has a sense of humour.

Sweden and Israel are on the extreme opposite ends on how they handled Covid with Sweden being the most permissive and Israel the most restrictive.

Israel is among the most vaccinated countries in the world and is now on its 3rd booster shots and yet they're seeing record sky rocketing infections.

Try and tell me it's a 'pandemic of the unvaccinated' there or that the vaccines are effective.

I'd love to see the spinning on this one.

My God, it's telling us to our faces the vaccines may prevent deaths early but in the long run they're not efficacious and they're not safe.

Israel, Iceland, Ireland, and Sweden give us all the clues we need to know here in Canada.

Despite this advantage, we squander it all. The fact we're pushing forward with passports just goes to show how irrational Canada is. They're NOT following the science and data because if they would, they would never have instituted such a dubious measure. Leave it to Resident Retard Legault to be 'proud to be a leader' for what is just a discrimination policy. Something Quebec excels in so it's no surprise this society blindly accepts it. 

Could this guy be anymore superficially idiotic?

It's a bit of ultimate irony that the country who played this right from the onset but was made into a global pariah is now keeping out of their country another country who played the 'vaccine is a panacea' game celebrated by the world. 

I don't expect Canada and Quebec to wisen up. I expect more of the same incompetent buffoonery we've seen for several months now. The masks are preventing oxygen from getting into their myopic and stubborn brains.

It will all blow up in their faces. It has to. None of this is rooted in science or logic. Things built on deceptions, force and lies always collapse. Unfortunately, a lot of people will be hurt by this in the meantime.

The cure has been worse than the disease for a year now. Soon, we'll have to assess the psychological, social and financial damage it unleashed.

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