Francis Collins And Anthony Fauci Are Responsible For The Death Of Millions Around The World

And that's not counting the immeasurable damage and injury it inflicted and the measures it unleashed killing and injuring still millions more.

All told, we're looking at hundreds of millions of people who have been either directly or indirectly harmed by a man-made virus that the NIH helped to create. Add the experimental vaccines they've terrorized the world with and now the number increase by another order of magnitude. We're looking at billions harmed.

Protected by the mafia bandit known as the DOJ, these two serial killers continue their dance of deceit before the world insisting they 'didnt do nuffin'. 

Granted, they're not alone. They've had - and continue to have - a lot of help. A lot. It will take more than a few brave people to uncover and untangle this evil web of murder. This includes medical bureaucrats, academics, physicians and colleges they're a part of and of course politicians.

That means, for example, people like Trudeau, Biden, Tam, Legault, Ford and so on. All complicit and part of this inhumane racket. They all deserve to have masks shoved so far up their asses they bleed blood from their eyes.

But the source is the Wuhan lab and its connections to Fauci and Daszak. These two are likely to become history's most prolific monsters.


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