Cruel Callousness Has Calcified In Canada; De Santis Continues To Be A Courageous Leader

The more Canada accepts the idea of learning to live with the virus means with absurd measures, the more the society becomes calcified in a segregated cruelty

The carelessness of Canada betting that the vaccines will get us out of this is preposterous to the point one should be concerned questioning the competence of these people in charge.

The vaccines will NOT get us out of this as Justin, Tam and now O'Toole are saying. Remember when they said they wanted 75% of the population vaccinated? Well, now yet another set of goal posts have been moved. They want 90% and if the criminal Tam had her way, 100%.

They lied.

And your health will pay for it.

Denying natural immunity as part of the plan will damage our collective immunity and thus our ability to deal with viruses and variants in the future. It's to deny the very basic biology that has allowed to survive as a species.

Now they want that eradicated from our existence.

Which, really, is murder by other means.

Officials pushing passports, despite all having said it would be divisive (including, Henry, Ford and Trudeau) know they're lying and misleading the public. But they've gotten so used to lying with the media protecting and covering up the lies, it now comes easy. It's part of the reality.

Now, they can act like rapacious psychopaths with our health.

Canada is a disgrace. The only option for those of us who see where this is heading is to move. 

Meanwhile, in Florida, Ron De Santis continues to wipe the floor with our so-called failed leaders exposing them for fools they are.

De Santis has done everything to seek solutions without infringing on civil rights. He secured nursing homes, refused to enforce mask mandate or lockdowns, embraced natural immunity as part of the solution and is now focused on treatments as part of the overall strategy. Regeneron is the latest treatment being administered with apparent success.

Which leader in Canada - other than the PPC's Maxime Bernier - is talking treatments and natural immunity? De Santis has more guts than all of Canada. 

Instead, the prevailing belief is passports and vaccines are the only route out.

A more myopic and damaging idea I can't conceive. Where slowly countries are coming to the realization vaccines aren't a way to achieve herd, some are even lifting all measures, Canada continues to plough through in a hysterical trance. We know the facts about the vaccines now. It doesn't halt transmission. Vaccinated people do spread the virus. All it does is it may lessen symptoms and prevent people from going to the hospital. This is the hill we're going to die on?

So what exactly the point of segregating Canadians? Are politicians this blind and stupid or is this about something other than the virus? Is the Digital ID scheme being forced through with Canada as a testing ground? It would appear so.

The apathy and cowardice of Canadians - filled with smug misplaced arrogance - has served the globalist masters well. We've proven to be one gullible and stupid society. Canadians would download any app so long as they can continue on pretending they're free.

Russia is more free than Canada at the moment. No mandates. No passports. No measures.

Let that sink in Canada while you watch your stupid hockey games as they steal your freedoms right from under your ignorant and delusional noses.

All for a man-made virus with a 99.985% survival rate! You gave up beautiful freedoms for the flu! Ah, you think it's the 'unclean' unvaccinated who will lose their rights? You actually think this is how it works? Where you get to dictate and set up a tiered society? It don't work that way my fellow lazy and pampered Canadians. We'll all end up in the same gulag.

Double-vaxxed? Soon that won't be enough. The booster shot will be demanded and you'll need to be triple-vaxxed. Israel is on its 4th shot. This is where Canada is heading. They keep telling you this is the model they selected. Sweden....we can but dream of. 

Canada. Be ready. We're in for some pain because the mistakes being made with come with consequences. 

Here. Take your security blankets you scared babies. 


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