Quebec: Disable Your Vaxx Pass Apps! NOW!

It's not too late to take a stand.

Don't fall prey to all the manufactured lies! We don't need to do this.

In Europe, the legal push back has begun and the passports will soon collapse.

Canada will be the only country left holding the bag. If we don't start to send a message now we will end up like Australia which is all but finished. Watch Australia closely. That country is in a civil war.

Meanwhile, the Nordic countries have resumed their lives. Here, they have no intentions of giving your life back. Notice how they've amplified the fear machine. Don't fall for the trap again!

There is no support for any of this. It has no basis in law and relies on coercion and consent.

Be courageous!

All it takes is to disable your app. You can do without dinners and concerts until the government gets the message. The feeling of empowerment will be something like you've never felt.

I truly believe this.

We need to take our lives back.

They stole it and gave it back in the form of an app. Think of it.

Do not let Legault manipulate you anymore. Break out of the trance.

Once you do, then you can say 'ca va bien alter'. But only when you extricate yourself from the demon that emotional manipulates you and keeps you in fear.

Do it.

You don't want your kids living in the world they have planned. Trust me.

And for the love of God! DROP THE MASKS!!


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