Francois 'Boss Hogg' Legault's Record

Canada as a whole has managed to get literally everything wrong during this health panic. Not a single shred of its actions were based in science but every single one eroded civil liberties for little in return.

otQuebec has the dubious distinction of having instituted some of the most draconian measures in North America. Legault has managed to impose just about every bad idea and embraced all unscientific measures. Among them:



-Social restrictions.

-Social distancing.

-Masks indoors AND outdoors.

-Masks on children. 

-Mandatory vaccinations for health workers.

-Vaccine passports.

-Maintains emergency powers for 18 months!

-Over 11 000 deaths.

Never once having the decency and respect to present a shred of evidence for each of these measures or a study showing results.

You can run Francois but you can't hide. This record WILL catch up to you because there's an army of people documenting and archiving everything you did and said. We will hold you to account.

Mark my words. We aren't going to let you petty politics dictate the truth and steal our liberties.

We won't rest until the record is set straight and the truth prevails.

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