Does Justin Trudeau Suffer From Mental Illness?

I have little regard for Justin Trudeau as a man or a leader.

I don't regard him in any positive light. 

I've made my views clear since 2015.

He's a small-souled man with little character or courage. He's a  remedial divisive ideologue and a totalitarian at heart.

Deep in his heart, this isn't a man who cares. It's a shallow man who is only out to aggrandize his pathetic image and reward sycophants and friends.

He is less a Prime Minister and more a low-IQ, low level activist.

I'll stop here.

When he announced a snap election, he hit the road to campaign. Along the way, Poptart Lasagne discovered he's not very well liked as angry crowds greeted him in several cities. Of course, the useless, bought off media ran to their sugar daddy's defence and did what they do best: Attack Canadians expressing their opinions. They characterized concerned citizens as, yawn,  'anti-vaxxers' and as being 'rude'.

Really? I thought they behaved rather well all things considered. After all, this is a poser who has done nothing but run Canada into the ground and people have noticed. 

Where Covid gave Justin a lifeline and looks to exploit this, people are weary and worried about where all this is going.

Justin has poured all his political capital into the Covid hysteria. Specifically, his speeches have take on the persona of a whacked out religious cult leader as he casts demonic dispersions on the unvaccinated; the great unwashed.

It's one thing to have to listen to him spew divisive and dangerous nonsense that could easily be dismissed. It's harder when it becomes a clear part of his shtick.

And this should trouble all Canadians.

Absent of any facts or evidence - which is a feature among officials not just from Canada but around the world since 2020 - Justin just lashes out invective inanities about how 'those people' are putting 'your children' in danger.

It's all so insane and childish, it's hard to believe people believe such awful rhetoric.

Then again, given the timeline, maybe they do.

Justin thinks acting and talking like a totalitarian Nazi scores with Canadians. Maybe it does? Who knows anymore.

I want to hold Canadians in a higher light despite their cruel and irrational behaviour during the health crisis.

But this time all this Justinian tone and banality has a more sinister twist. It's just naked hate for people while espousing a dogmatic zeal for a medical procedure that will not protect 'your children'. It's inconsequential if others are vaccinated. What matters is if you are.

There is no nuance or distinction in the public discourse. No appeals to context or perspective.

It's just a vicious race to the bottom to please the lowest masked up common denominator.

Listening to him, I see less a man in control of faculties with any shred of human decency and more a scared, parochial little of a man who sounds like he's mentally ill.

There is nothing normal in what he's doing or saying.

I've never seen such a divisive political figure in my life in Canadian politics. The last person who riled people really up was his father Pierre. 

I question this man's competence and ability to lead the Liberals let alone the country.

His dark speeches are real and wouldn't surprise me one iota if re-elected, Justin would see this as a signal to set up camps and other draconian measures.

Justin is looking at Australia and dreaming of emulating that unhinged country.

I don't think he's well in the head.


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