Random Thoughts

It bothers me when someone says 'I don't care'.

It bothers me a lot.

It's a phrase I never realized how much it bothered me until Covid. 

To me, man's response to Covid has been a moral and spiritual debacle. A sin against humanity really.

The damage done to so many lives on so many levels all because of the theatre of 'doing something' has left me paralyzed with disgust and disbelief.

It has been astonishing watching and realizing the people in charge are nothing but flawed and incompetent humans.

I can take that.

But what I can't take and accept is the lack of humility and refusal to admit hubris.

This has blinded them into a pond scum of group think unable to shift gears.

19 months on and still with lockdowns, masks and now passports?

Are people out of their minds to even think this a viable strategy? Especially since we now a growing body o literature showing of its catastrophic collateral damage?

Nothing is reasoned. None if it back by science. All of it is mad hysteria.

Yet they stand before you in a game of deceit manipulating people into a false sense of control and leadership.

All they're good for is to apply coercion and erode your inalienable rights. Men who lack courage always hide behind force. This is why they issue decrees with no basis in law; let alone ethics.

What has been done is not normal.

In every conceivable way. 

It literally is shooting fish in a barrel and bound to destroy the barrel and cause and inflict more unnecessary destruction. We not only shot and missed we continued to shoot!

Now it's onto the vaccines. Like they assaulted the human mind with the futility of noxious masks they made sure we avoided any kind of human contact. All things that make the drudgery of life more palpable and enjoyable was forbidden. This paved the way for a vaccine to finalize creating a cult.

This Covid thing is now a religion.

There is no more science. Nor is this about public health.

It's about conformity into a new religion.

It's dark and it's disturbed. 


Alberta has forfeited the right to ever claim to be 'Texas North' again.

You're not Texas in any way except for oil. And that's not enough.

You don't have the guts and attitude of Texas.

You're just 'Texan' in the Canadian context..

Which isn't saying much.

A country that goes passport, is a weak and pathetic one.

Kenney is no Abbott.


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