What Tyranny Looks Like

 Tyranny lurks. Its never ending footsteps forever stalks with relentless intent and fervor.

No one is immune.

The only way to keep its rapacious appetite for control is to be aware of its existence and maintain eternal vigilance.

To do neither of those things is allow it to catch up and wallop freedom in the face leaving man to ask what just happened.

If you don't pay attention it sneaks up and smacks you straight in the face.

For 18 months tyranny has been stalking us. And with each passing month it gained ground. Where it was a leisurely walk easy to outpace, moved to brisk walk to a gallop. Oh, we heard the footsteps.

We just didn't believe or pay attention.

There was a more dangerous threat to attend to.

Except, that was the wrong enemy.

In the words of Don Vito Corleone, '....it was Barzini all along'.

It was tyranny all along.

Do understand this is to possess a clear mind.

Except fear clouded the brain.

Fertile ground for tyrants.

And they never looked back.

While we never looked over our shoulders.

Now there's no turning back.

9/11 ushered in the Patriot Act. In the fog of fear, large chunks of human liberty were forever removed because terrorists. Astute observers and true patriots warned against this. Do not trade liberty for security. It's not a fair deal.

But don't bother people with such naive abstracts! There are terrorists out there! 20 years on, and it's quite clear the warnings should have been heeded.

The Covid-19 was another terrorist attack and the same reactions and mindset is unfolding. So crafty and effective has been the propaganda, people still haven't figured out they've been attacked.

As in war.

Completely disengaged from reality they think they're trusting science and being righteous.

That's the product of thorough propaganda invading the blood stream.

They were put into a corner from the onset. For those who saw this early, the warnings fell on deaf ears.

You know the routine: Disinformation and conspiracy theorists. Except, go back and listen to what they said and look at what's transpired.

A more prescient group you won't find.

They were your allies. They were far seeing and saw this for what it was: A plandemic. How did they see it? Because they've been following the pulse of off-politics for years. They were in the position to see it happen on the spot. They were aware of bio-warfare, the CCP's march to defeat the West from within, the weaponization of science and collapse of academia. They were paying close attention to the WEF, WHO and Bill Gates. They had their ears and eyes on it all. They uncovered Event 201, and followed global companies like Blackrock and McKinsey and how they have merged with political and economic interests.

The world is already in the hands of globalists on one side, and the independents on the other. This is why Trump was popular. He understood this. He was the lightning rod needed to spark this awareness.

If nothing makes sense - and by now if it does then you are lost and deserve whatever fate coming - that's because it's not intended to.

Of course none of this makes sense. It's an illegal criminal enterprise.

We keep hearing this is a 'global' problem, except if you pay attention, it's not really the case. This madness is mostly restricted to the West and Australia and New Zealand. And within the West, there are enclaves of sanity. Notably Sweden. Russia has kept its sense. So have Norway and Finland though not perfect. Denmark recently joined their ranks. 

The key countries where liberty is being erased are the richest ones. Where Spain decided to mostly go Denmark's route in ending measures, France and Italy have gone full blown totalitarian. These are the core  Latin countries but with one distinct trait - the latter are wealthy.

There's more to steal. Ditto, Germany, UK, USA, Canada, Holland and Belgium. The core members of the EU and G7.

Japan or South Korea have not behaved in this manner. They care about their nations.

We care about greed.

These countries pulled off the greatest deception in history. They convinced their countries they're fictional free democracies.

As you can see, this is clearly not the case.

The rhetoric spewing from the mouths of their leaders are the opposite of what constitutes strong and free democracies. These are the words of dictators.

Once divisive and Orwellian measures are permitted, things do not revert.

We're in a very - very - bad place at the moment.

The only way out is to scratch and claw your way out. As they say, you can vote your way into socialism but you'll have to shoot your way out.

This is where we are.

In Canada, don't expect the courts to come to our defense. In fact, don't expect any institution to come and protect your rights.

They've abandoned you.

All we have is God and each other.

All I can ask at this point, after 18 months of pleading, is to stop being blind and consistently accepting the narrative. It is mind numbingly and brazenly shocking at the persistent stupidity in believing in masks. This noxious and superstitious practice should have ended by now. The longer it goes, the more likely they will keep you in them.

There is no logic or science pushing this agenda. It's all politically and financially driven.

What does tyranny look like my fellow citizens?

Stop and watch for a minute.

It comes in the form of jargon (15 days to flatten the curve, 28 day challenge, wear a mask, save a life, passports are liberty etc.). Jargon that governments waste millions converting into propaganda. That should have been the first clue. It comes in the form of having locked down healthy people for the fist in world history (except for one tiny moment in 17th century England) without evidence to back such a measure. It came in the form of denying small business to open their doors and earn a living. The denying of a person's right to life, liberty in the pursuit of happiness and put food on the table is perhaps the greatest evil I have ever witnessed and is unforgivable. Worse, they still threaten us with immoral lockdowns. These wholly ILLEGAL measures came with threats of fines. The decrees continued into the summer of 2020 and included mask mandates. 13 months, despite evidence of ineffectiveness, they persist as powerful reminders of control and fear. It came in the form of curfews. At this stage, we keep reminding, not even the WHO recommended any of these measures and that the results of them have never been properly assessed here in Canada. We do know, based on evolving data and literature, it has been a catastrophe and contributed to the fraying of the social and economic order. 

2021 was the next stage of tyranny at its most frightening intensity. The rhetoric remained focused on fear mongering and variants. It comes in the form of exhorting people into taking a medical procedure without considering proper risk/reward assessments. In fact, this cornerstone of informed consent and basic human right has been denied. It's a needle in every arm regardless of risk benefit analysis. Despite the injections not being designed to achieve anything remotely close to herd immunity or eradication. This should be a powerful clue to the people who should be contacting dots by now. Authorities have been persistent in their stalking (tyranny) and commands we bend to their will. Tyranny has now brought us segregation along medical lines though vaccine passports.

A more abhorrent example of tyranny that should be the slap to knock back sense into people I can't think of. Next would be the removal of the 'unclean' from society altogether.

There's no more room to claim 'it can't happen here'.

It already has. 

Professors and nurses are losing their jobs, children are being terrorized into taking a jab they don't need, pilots, police, and firemen are objecting to being forced into an act under the threat of losing careers.

The public's silence is deafening.

If there was a time to speak out it's NOW.

If not, you are complicit in the dystopian world you will be leaving behind. You will be part of the pages of history that won't be kind to you.

Tyranny. See it. Call it out.

We can do this.


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