We're On A Bad Track...Bad

Oh look.

More demands to remove statues not related to Confederates.

This time in Chicago and a statue of some Italian fascist named Balbo in Chicago.

“I’m amazed the citizens of Chicago have not demanded that these symbols of fascism — a street and a statue bearing Balbo’s name — donated by Italian dictator Benito Mussolini, a sidekick of Adolf Hitler, be removed decades ago from the city’s landscape,” Burke told Sneed."

Maybe because people are rational and don't give a shit?

My friends in Chicago tell me there's a street named after Bobby Rush who was a Black Panther. Cool name aside, maybe they should remove it just in case, right?


Oh, not enough for you? Check this piece of shit, violent Marxist professor Bart Knijenberg out.

So far the count is: Columbus, MacDonald, Washington, Jefferson and now Balbo.

It's only going to grow.

DO NOT ENABLE THESE IDIOTS. You have to treat them like children. A kid always looks for cues on whether to cry or shake things off. All these people are the CHILDREN. Don't allow them to cry and tantrum.


This reminds me of the story of when a professor set out to 'sanitize' Huck Finn and save it from the word 'nigger' that graced the book.
Anti-intellectuals are gonna anti-intellectual.
Remember Marge’s crusade against Itchy & Scratchy and then the dumbass townsfolk turned their ire on some guinea’s David? 
Yeh, this is where the removal of symbols is going.

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