Trump Must Stand His Ground

Once again, the irrational jackals looking for their pound of blood and flesh have pounced.

This time they're outraged! OUTRAGED! That the President had the temerity to point out both sides contributed to the violence in Charlottesville.

How dare he!

Of course, to those of us not robbed of our senses, he's correct.

Here's a simple calculation for the dimwitted virtue signallers to grasp:

-Fractured rag-time bunch of supremacists with no political power and no hope of growing its base gain a permit to assemble as is their right.
-Antifa and the left show up (from around the country) to counter the meeting in an effort to not protest but disrupt and provoke to get a riot.
-Police stand and watch.
-In the ensuing mayhem, man kills protestor.
-Media sensationalizes and manipulates public opinion against supremacists.
-Now the spill over of doxxing people begins. It has already claimed an innocent victim.

All these tactics, by the way, is clearly described in The Gulag Archipelago. I fear the left more than idiot racists. Left-wing ideology is a beautiful martini on the surface, but it's a poisonous virus deep below. So people with scant a mind for principles and perspective are easily pulled to it and only realize when it's too late. One of the valuable lessons in Solzhenitsyn's writings is to describe in detail how slow this process really is.

At the moment, it's communism by other means. Antifa doesn't give a shit about principles and liberty. Their movement is not predicated on the philosophy of advancing liberty in the context of classical Western value. Far from it in fact. Indeed, they are hostile to it. 

Their entire outlook sits on a bedrock of illiberalism. If they were to ever achieve power they'd behave exactly like the Taliban, Jacobins or Bolsheviks (removing Confederate symbols in the middle of the night is not an act of progress; it's an assault on history and is no different than the Taliban blowing up Buddha statues) slowly purging wrong think.

I'd be lined up against the wall.

This is true.

Under normal circumstances sober and sane minds conclude there are no winners and point out all who contributed to this unnecessary mess. I say unnecessary because the supremacists numbered 200.

All this for....200 people.

Ah. But it's the principle!

No, it's not about the principle or the morality. Standing for principles are the ones where you accept under all circumstances the right to free speech, expression and assembly.

Had Antifa gone (they were armed) and just stated their protestation peacefully all would have ended.

Alas, this is not Antifa (or BLM) tactics. As noted on their various communications, they want a race war. They understand that by taking control of the narrative they win.

And by all accounts they are winning. Just look at campuses across the country, look at the critical theory jargon poisoning board rooms, observe talk of forgiving debt at the highest levels of society.

Antifa has power and influence.

They just proved violence and shutting down freedom WORKS. They were right that they'd manage to pull to their side the 'average' person.

When there's a group of bad ass people meeting in a corner of a park meet and you go and challenge them.

What do you think is going to happen? And when the dusk settles, what do you think people will conclude? You contributed to the problem.

I see no difference here and concur with Trump.

It's always worth noting:

-Up until now, we have mountains of reports where Antifa/BLM have committed multiple acts of violence and property damage. So much so it makes supremacists look pathetically inept.

-When Obama invited BLM to the White House after murdering five cops, how did this escape outrage? A more singular act demonstrating where Obama's personal feelings lie you couldn't find. Indeed, if you cull all of Obama's racially divisive comments, you get quite an ugly fresco.

Yet, Obama is somehow seen as a racial healer?

Trump must stand his ground.

It's like holding a baby losing their mind for not getting their toy. Eventually they'll calm down.

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