I Can't Keep Up With The Derp

Let's play spot the logical fallacy!

Jack Mirkinson demands at Splinter:

"After Charlottesville, Pick a Side"

The only way to make logical sense of this demand is to mangle the story so as to fit the narrative.

The bottom line is assholes got a permit to assemble as is their right. Antifa proceeded to provoke them and a riot ensued.

The question he should be asking who is in the wrong? From where I sit, Antifa continuously shows up where they don't belong and mayhem ensues.

All for 'righteous intentions.'

In their minds.

In any event, faux-moral outrage makes you look like an ass.

The logical error here is it gives the impression there are no other options; of which there are. It's called a false dilemma.

It's not a black or white situation no matter how much people try to cherry pick the stats and narratives.

I'm betting Jack considered the BLM douchebag who killed five cops was a lone wolf; same for the Berniebot who shot up the GOP baseball game whereas the idiot who ploughed people with a vehicle was not. Or, to go back to a classic, when Bush said, 'you're with us or the terrorists'.

Point being there is no side to pick here because neither are in the right and neither holds the higher moral ground. If you choose to ignore this request, this is not a wrong choice.

So take this bull shit and go suck a lemon.


Speaking of logical fallacies, I just came across this gem from Business Insider.

"I’m sure there are all sorts of technical details that could be used to explain just how the men’s game differs from the women’s, and they vary from sport to sport. The one answer that doesn’t hold up is that men’s sports are somehow inherently more interesting to watch than women’s. They are certainly not 40 times more interesting to watch. 
Exhibit 1, the third goal of Carli Lloyd's offensive explosion in the final game, which she scored from midfield: 
Video of goal that doesn't support her claim.
Most of us have been socialized to accept men’s sports as dominant, and somehow automatically more interesting. The problem is that once society has internalized this falsehoodand let’s face it, it’s a falsehood that’s millennia in the making — it’s not so easy to correct it. Women have been fighting for decades, centuries, to be seen as equals to men both on the playing field and off of it.
Ah yes. That's the problem! Let's go and *correct* it! I shoulda had that V-8! 
The interesting word here is, erm, "interesting". She seems to be arguing that because society 'internalized this falsehood' we don't find women's sports 'interesting'. Or it could mean, you know, it isn't as interesting? 
Once you let your rational bearings take over you realize this is a vapid take.  
The old 'sports fans are stupid and will watch anything if we just show them' logic.
Correct what exactly?  Is she advocating for some bull shit social engineering? Like 'minimum requirements' in terms of how much broadcasters show women's sports? Does she actually believe this will solve the 'problem'? Well, she did say it took millennia for us to be mis-wired into thinking women's sports are inferior to men's sports. So, I guess we have to start somewhere, right?
Women have been fighting for centuries on and off the playing field? Did she miss the part where U-15 males beat women national programs in soccer? They're not seen as equals because they aren't.
It's simple. It's not misogynistic but straight forward reality and biology. Deny this and you're the one being anti-reality; anti-science.
Play sports are the level of men then we'll talk. 
It won't happen so spare us this rubbish. 
Just enjoy what each brings to the table and knock it off with the Marxist identity politics demanding we make equal something that isn't and never will be equal.
That's why it's all a 'social construct' with them. Makes it easier for them to say ridiculous things like 'internalized falsehoods' and take leaps of logic selling narratives.
Speaking of smug progressive logical fails:
Or, you know, 'the deplorables' out there just think climate change doomsday predictions are a bit of a crock, are aware of all the manipulated data, and where Gore (an engineer-politician) is concerned, a scam? Nah. Better to overweight the impact of neo-Nazis, and a 'crazy' President. I mean, people are just soooo stoopid. From where I sit, he's lucky he even got $2 million worth of suckers.
In 10 years I wonder how much we'll 'rave' about Al. Maybe we'll still be talking about him like Tipper? 
Remember her crusade in the 1980s?
Speaking of log....nah, this is just...whatever:

As the president was walking out, I responded that he has spread plenty of fake news himself.

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