SJWPC Is Destroying Brain Cells And Basic Sense

So I come across this 50 Greatest black athletes from The Undefeated (which I think is somehow connected to SJWESPN which in turn is owned by the SJW Mothership Disney).

Before I move on to the list itself, imagine if someone compiled a '50 greatest white athletes' list. My, my the 'whites are racist' cries would be deafening. But don't worry don't expect ESPN to do that.

Onto the list. Wait. Privileged white males are allowed to comment on a black list (no pun!), right?


I don't give a shit.

Let's cut to the chase. It's a shitty list. They don't make lists like they used to, eh? The NHL and its 'blue ribbon panel' came out with its top 100 players of all time and they forgot to put Evgeny Malkin on the list. Yeh, good one champs.

The list is just out of its mind. Not a fan of these subjective, unquantifiable and quite frankly unnecessary 'impact on society' metrics. Just stick to the play.

Or else you get stuff like putting stand out dominant masters like Tim Duncan at 50, David Robinson at 46, Barry Sanders at 44, Bill Russell at 36, Jim Brown at 30.

Stephen Curry makes it to 28 and his career isn't even over? I don't know much, but I do know those athletes I mentioned above were far more dominant than Curry.

Emmitt Smith has no business (at #19 no less) being ahead of Brown and Sanders. That's just ridiculous.

As a Sixers fan, love Dr. J but should he be above Russell?

So who are in the top 10?

Gabby Douglas and Simone Biles.


Meanwhile Owens is #5. I probably would put him at #1. No way he should be below Mays and Robinson - and even Jordan.

The whole thing is just a mess. I would have kept the men separate from the women.

Other than that, they seemed to just arbitrarily throw in a couple of international stars like Pele and Bolt but meanwhile Tiger Woods didn't even make the list. Neither did Curt Flood, Barry Bonds, Rod Carew, Josh Gibson, Hakeem Olajuwon, Randy Moss, Jack Johnson, Deion Sanders, and Lawrence Taylor - the greatest LT in history!

And we're supposed to take this list seriously?

I'm sorry. No.

Try again I say.

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