It Won't Stop At Confederate Monuments

I'm no a fan of removing (erasing) history to fit modern sensibilities and narratives because those are always rooted in an irrational and emotional calculus. And paranoid as this story from Legal Insurrection shows. NYC is scared of subway tiles that resemble the Confederate flag.

My biggest concern is it won't stop at 'Confederate' statues. When you give a pig a chair, they'll want to get on the table.

The progressive left will move on to all sorts symbols and people who they disagree with. No one is safe. Dollar bills, Memorials, you name it. If they get a whiff of someone they hate, it's game over because they're evil censorious asshole.

History isn't safe.

Well, Marxists, communists and socialists are safe. Lenin is totes awesome in Seattle.

Quite frankly you're not paying attention and are naive if you think it will stop at Confederate monuments.

Welcome to the dark age folks.


  1. Retrofitting reality one statue at a time.
    And, also, one "updated" ideology at a time.

  2. If the blind hatred for Trump is driving this, it's short sighted and myopia. Spare it's about what's *right* because it isn't.


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