This Will Not End At Confederate Symbols

This exercise of removing symbols and statues is about as petty and ahistory as one can get.

This is all driven not by righteousness or the need to 'make right' but rather in left-wing ideologues usurping history in order to erase the parts that don't fit their views and narratives.

The revolution manifests itself in many ways and this is one of them.

Some people get it though.

I've been doing some reading and researching on some of the personalities and figures of the Confederacy. There's more than meets the eye and it's certainly not as depicted by these bozos.

For a group of people who believe themselves to be nuanced, they sure know how to be cement heads with a myopic outlook.

Remove away.

But if you are naive and flippant enough to think this is a rational undertaking that will stop at this you're sadly mistaken. They will go after whatever is perceive to be 'evil' by their definitions and standards. And it's not just statues it's language as well as we see with gender pronouns and the recent spat about replacing 'thy sons command' here in Canada.

Confederates today.

Who tomorrow?

Comment at Legal Insurrection:

I’m deeply saddened by the current attacks on Confederate monuments. Take for example the Virginia monument at Gettysburg. Those men – I’d venture to say none of them slave owners – stepped forward on a hot July 3rd afternoon when their commander called, “Up, men, and to your posts!” They crossed nearly a mile of open field into the deadly fire of several determined brigades of Pennsylvania infantry not to mention Battery A, 4th U.S. Artillery, under the command of 22-year-old Alonzo Cushing firing double-shotted canister into their ranks.

That monument salutes their bravery, their dedication to duty and honor, and within a couple of generations their grandchildren served in Europe with the same dedication. Can we not salute them? Can we not appreciate their fortitude and determination without embracing the evil of slavery?
I would argue that, yes, we can be proud of these men. Their history should be taught to our children and the fact that this country can produce men such as these should make us proud and should cause our enemies to think twice before confronting us."

UPDATED: What did I tell you? One day after I wrote this some fool at The Guardian makes his play to topple Nelson.

The left are out to erase and rewrite history. Don't let them.

The real resistance begins.

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