Confederate Symbols Today, Jefferson Memorial Tomorrow

Mark it.

As Antifa and the slow march of cultural Marxism moves ahead, wouldn't surprise me one day they turn their ire onto the foundations of America.

They've made clear their loathing of 'old dead white slave owners' so it's not a stretch. They're gripped by the 'ills of the past' and perceived belief the white West hasn't atoned. Capitalism has to be purged.

Think white supremacists are scary? They have nothing on Antifa and similar groups.

Supremacists don't have remotely the influence Antifa and the left have to impact freedom negatively. It's a no contest really.

How can a group of people with so much hate for their country - civilization - not end up turning on its founders and the Constitution?

You think you're safe? Think again pal. Russians thought they were safe too under Stalin.

This is the face of modern progressivism.

Welcome to your intellectual gulag.

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