View Points On Charlottesville

An event needlessly overblown and mismanaged by local authorities.

No winners all around.

First here at The Federalist.

The Daily Caller looks at the left's role.

Doxxing by the left gone wrong.


As a bonus, first Kafka. Well, CAIR. Close enough:

"Requesting the Removal of All Confederate Memorials, Flags, Street Names, and Symbols from Public Spaces and Property"

The balls on these people.

Speaking of racist shitheads with balls. Check this out by one April Harter titled,

How America Spreads the Disease that is Racism by not Confronting Racist Family Members and Friends

Sure, start with...April and her illiberal ilk.

It comes with a chart!

Love the one where if you bring up Chicago violence, it makes you racist. Now, a logical and sane mind will point to statistics and facts, right? But statistics are racist didn't you hear?


Know who else liked racial charts?


The left's unhealthy love affair with communism, socialism and Marxism is something to abhor and guard against.

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