Phrases I Hate: Business Leaders

If there's two things I hate it's Shark Tank (and the Canadian equivalence 'Dragon's Den'. Incidentally I'm glad O'Leary dropped out of the conservative leadership race) and the phrase 'business leaders'.

My wife alerted me to a magazine called 'Success' and signed on for a trial on my behalf. Poor soul. I'm not big on such publications because more often than not they just don't interest me. And the recent issue with Elon Musk with the caption 'The man on a mission to ave the world' isn't going to pull me in either.

Apparently through electric cars (where recent studies have shown they ain't so environmentally friendly) through a company that mostly misleads and relies on quite a bit of government support, junk borrowing, while offering tax credits to its customers who are mostly well-off.

In other words, the middle class tax payer bestow environmental indulgences on the wealthy who then turn around and virtue signal and let the taxpayer know how behind they are on being up with trends.

Not a fan.

But good luck to Tesla. If there's a market and they can deliver and be profitable on their own two feet, God bless.

Which brings me to my rant about 'business leaders'.

You know the ones who get invited to 'economic summits' with politicians. Self-appointed captain-leaders like Gates, Zuckerman, Zuckerberg, and even Musk to talk about ways to....whatever. Usually to 'jump-start' the economy. Well, within a status framework anyway.

You rarely hear great ideas coming out of those things mostly because there really isn't much to do except to, well, lower taxes, keep regulations at a minimum and get out of the way.

You don't need O'Leary or Cuban to tell you that as they rub elbows while eating cantaloupe at some conference filled with the elite class who are all there to first serve their own needs and interest.

Moreover, is the insufferable factor that comes along with it. I didn't realize being a billionaire automatically makes you a 'leader' or an authority to, say, talk about climate change or social issues on behalf of humanity. That Mark Zuckerberg founded Facebook that connected billions doesn't follow he's an expert to talk about 'fake news' or any other activism he's involved in.

I'm small business.

And they're not my leader.

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