Of Trumpsters, Red Necks, Nazis And Chick-fil-A

Here are a couple of neat stories you ain't gonna see in the press - who are too busy trying to find a way to connect Harvey to racism and climate change.

One has red necks helping the National Guard.

Another has Chick-fil-A helping out an elderly couple.

I wonder if the Kennedys and other progressive liberals would put down their champagne and do the same. The Kennedys would probably run over them and leave laughing.

Such is the foul image I get from them.

Other than that, we love eating at Chick-fil-A whenever we're in the USA. Great service and food.

It was even tastier when progressives tried to boycott them with their usual virtue signalling nonsense.

Unfortunately, the false narrative predicated on a lie and showcase in profound ignorance of painting Americans - particularly those from the south or Trump voters - as Nazis is being taken seriously by some people. It's absurd and one that leaves me dismayed and disappointed at how easily people can be moved to accept such incredibly stupid and self-serving narrative propagated by the media and their degenerate comrades on the left.

Take Charlie Hebdo for instance. 

Ironic given the country that bent over for Nazi Germany would mock Texans as being 'Nazis'.

I thought European were supposed to be educated and sophisticated or something.

In any event, I spend a lot of time with Americans.

They're good people.

And they don't deserve this - this - disgusting and moronic, and unsubstantiated Nazi smear. A libellous smear upon a people with no base in reality or fact.

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