The Left In All Their Presumptuous, Projectionist, Preposterous Glory

The left are completely unhinged these days.

As any sane person has come to realize.

Here are some excerpts of how horrendously hollow and putrid their intellectualism has sunk:

More details on Courtney Lawton here.

How do such people become professors? How incredibly anti-intellectual, crude and rude of her. How can any faculty tolerate such bullying of its students? It's shameful as it is enraging.

Anyone and everyone is KKK or a Nazi now according to these over baked buns:

I've thinned out up there. Didn't realize I could be 'sized up' by these heroes.

All they are is mob rule.



It just blows my mind how the media is completely blowing out of proportion the neo-Nazi narrative while at the same time seemingly going out of its way to downplay Antifa's violent antics and rhetoric. From where I sit, both groups are on the leftist scale and both are not above using fascistic tactics to get their stupid, anti-intellectual, incoherent points across.

There's no justification for it given how widely reported it's been on social media.

The average person in these towns damn well know who the trouble makers are and that most of all these events are staged by the left.

Project Veritas does a great job infiltrating the left-wing belly deep inside the DNC getting their operatives to admit they go to Trump rallies to stir trouble up.


I see Naomi Klein is still peddling her pant shitting climate change bull shit as she fattens her wallet up with rubbish. Always found her to be rather mundane, blasé and so 1990s in her sustainability hysterics.

I think we all kinda new the left were going to jump on Harvey's destruction in Houston to blame it on (insert left-wing cause du jour here) climate change or Trump.

Settled science you can believe in!

This comment caught my eye:

“….Now you can absolutely be sure that the average surface temperature of the Gulf of Mexico, 50 years from now, will be warmer than it is now – that is guaranteed. So these storm patterns are going to get worse, not better. And that means there is a major need to build the kind of infrastructure that can resist such storms. For example, pull out of the flood plains, build elevated structures, etc. This is infrastructure on the scale of the Dutch effort to prevent the sea from coming in and will cost trillions of dollars.
But the Trumpsters and the fossil fuel executive and shareholders don’t want to do this, because then they’d have to admit that fossil-fueled global warming and climate change is real, and then there would be political pressure to move all the fossil fuel subsidies over to the renewable energy sector, and then the fossil fuel industry would go the way of the whale oil and kerosene lamp industry, and they wouldn’t realize their expected return on investment. . .”
Ah. For starters, nothing screams getting your point across by denigrating people as 'Trumpsters' as if they're all one icky, blockheaded, deplorable gang.

Right. Because the renewable energy sector isn't getting a real increase in subsidies (which usually are wasteful). Obama made sure they got their little scam money. So not sure what he's going with that specious claim.

Other than that, it fascinates me how anyone could with any certitude claim to know what things will be like in 50 years? Wasn't the North Pole supposed to have been ice free by 2013 according to some studies?

It's like saying the New England Patriots will continue to dominate because we know they're so good and the way they do things will certainly still work in 50 years because 'we know' it will. It completely ignores (and demeans) the unknowable.

In other words, it's not only a statistical improbability it's an antiscientific stance to take.

But there they are.

So sure of their knowledge because they 'fucking love science'.

But you know what we can be sure of? It will cost less to mitigate the effects of climate change through sheer human ingenuity (via free markets and capitalism) because we're good at technology than it would be to institute or install ill-advised, poorly thought out ham fisted policies to try and stop some arbitrary (or at least constantly shifting) global temperature metric from changing into a figure we desire. This is like trying to bend a fork with your mind. That's what it is.

The economic trade off would not be beneficial for the average citizen as growth and disposable income would almost surely be suffocated through these hysterical measures.

People like Naomi don't give a shit because they know nothing will happen and are always sure to make sure the timeline is just beyond the estimated time of their own deaths. That way, they don't have to account for their errors. Mind you, people like Paul 'I'm bound to be right' Ehrlich and Al 'Carbon Viper' Gore continuously to miss their predictions and still make money; at least Gore does. 

swear these people and their cults.


Let's end this ridiculous behaviour with some humour:

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