Diversity For Everyone Except Wypippo

It's really getting, like, retarded out there.

Everyone is losing their minds when it comes to this 'diversity' madness brought to new soaring heights with Google firing a person - James Damore - not based on performance or behaviour but for 'perpetuating gender stereotypes.

Google and companies like it claim to be tolerant of opposite and/or differing views but clearly this is not the case and the letter put out by a woman named Danielle only solidified my view of their bull shit - and quite possibly illegal discriminatory practices.

He was let go for having the temerity to question the usefulness of 'diversity' policies and how it actually silences people who may disagree as well as exploring things like why there may be a gender "gap" in STEM'.

His take was based in sound principles and accepted norms in the field but that didn't stop left-wing sites from calling it a 'screed' or 'anti-diversity'.

It's not what he said. At all.

Bunch of liars is all they are. Misrepresent and attack like a pack of blind, dumb and deaf hyenas. It's the quintessential MO in the progressive arsenal of ideas.

Long story short, the reaction to him - and Google's decision to fire him - basically proved his point. See his interview with Jordan Peterson here to confirmed my observation:

A more vapid, empty headed, bigoted notion that all but ensures mediocrity and some foul, distorted sense of self-righteousness you won't find.

"Diversity"is racism basically. It goes something like this: We need more 'x' people. But 'x' people don't apply or aren't generally qualified for this position as 'y' people.

At this point, I think we can all guess 'y' is whypippo. So, in effect, corporate culture at the behest of pressure from special interest and government who support it are asked to discriminate.

They know this is illegal and not right. Which brings us to the next level. What's needed is to build a narrative as to why it's "okay" to discriminate against whites. This is where 'white privilege' comes in and 'gender income inequality gaps' and 'STEM gender gaps' and whatever else to obscure the plan to engage in discrimination so as to 'soften' the blow of their bigoted ideals that's a sure path to mediocrity. This is how gulags function people!

It can then be expressed thusly: Hey woman or minority, know why you don't have that fancy job? BECAUSE WHITE PEOPLE.

That's all it is taken and stripped to its roots.

It's all rooted in the faulty premise of 'righting the wrongs laid by white Christians'.

You heard me. The *ideal* of diversity programs is based on the notion that *minorities* have been frozen out of jobs; the *good* jobs. That somehow, someway, *white privilege* permits caucasians to keep at an advantage.

Don't you ever dare even suggest that maybe, just maybe, for certain tasks and jobs males (white if need be) are better suited. That will get you lynched.

It's all, of course, insane, unquantifiable Marxist gibberish but there it is having seeped into corporate boardrooms, the halls of academia, pop culture and elsewhere. Nay a place that doesn't disclose (with faux pride while screaming 'don't sue us!' we're complying!) on their job application page 'we're an equal opportunity organization'.

When 'I'm ahead of the progressive curve' Trudeau infamously quipped, 'because it's 2015' he was stating that Canada had not been progressive enough. He had to drag us knuckle headed-dragging troglodyte misogynistic morons into modernity.

Of course, since the comment was vacuous in its tenet, it's not surprising to note that his predecessor - the snake-wolf to the left - Harper already had a pretty balanced cabinet (to the extent we accept its definition and that they were competent people). Sorry Justin, you were beats to the line.

But that doesn't stop superficial progressive super heroes like Justin. Nah. They have to ensure the *other side' aren't hip to the latest gender pronouns (and dammit, we will make it law to the point of threatening to take your children away if you don't encourage their gender fluidity! Yes, the Canadian government has tabled a proposal that's likely and dangerously to become law where if it's determined parents don't permit their children to explore their transgenderism it will be seen as child abuse. You can't make this shit up and a perfect example of why people should consider stopping to vote Liberal/Democrat*) and other fabricated and manufactured victim-status issues.

All this to say I'm glad I'm self-employed and don't have to deal with this utter madness.

Although, I could foresee a time down the road where government sticks its fat nose in my business and claim I'm not 'diverse' enough.

It's right in their capabilities and it's not as paranoid a notion as you make think.

*All this madness comes from their side. Look at it this. See Baltimore, Chicago and Detroit and all the violence? That's what you get with decades of singular Democrat rule without opposition. You get decadence. It is my contention laws such as the one I just described will have the same effect on the institution of the family and corporate governance.

Left-wing beliefs lead to - in various degrees - destruction and degeneracy. Hey, if you prefer, a metaphor for the destruction of the soul. When pressed, a progressive friend of mine admitted in a discussion on 'concentration of wealth' - another one of those left-wing stupidities - that he'd be fine if the government confiscated all the wealth from rich people and burned it.

This is the thing. This is the end game of progressive thought; the rule and not the exception. Just poke them and explore and you will see. They'll eventually cop out to it.

I'd like to take a second and discuss Colin Kaepernick. He's all over the map with his thoughts (suggesting to me he's going through a existential crisis of some sort) and hasn't really thought through his intellectual stances leaving him open to criticism that is often justified.

For example, you don't wear a Fidel Castro t-shirt when talking about freedom and alleged social abuses of America. And when defending such actions do NOT engage in false equivalences. You look like an illiterate when you do that. When you spin off talking about 'American genocide of Indians' you're exhibiting a shallow grasp of history not unlike progressives like Obama who shout, 'yeah but The Crusades!'

It just shows you never actually read and understood (we tend to underrated this word) the history of it; or at best read a version of it.

But let us accept Kaepernick's position and there was designed and systematic genocide to the level he claims - not many people would dispute the Trail of Tears was a bad moment in American. But find me a single country in world history that didn't have a momentary lapse of reason. Where does that leave him? What did he accomplish? What does he expect? Simple acknowledgement? I think there already is. Reparations? That would be unjust and absurd. Where does it leave him spiritually?

It's a dead-end. A cul-de-sac. History is just that, history. It shouldn't be used as a tool or weapon for contemporary grievances. That's what we call opening a Pandora's Box. To obsess over it and use it as a proxy for contemporary issues is a sure ticket to personal stunted growth and misery. And progressives are the most envious and miserable people. I can't possibly fathom looking at life like they do. They claim it's 'rational' but it isn't. No wonder their ideology and world view usually ends in violence.

Worse, it threatens to take an unfortunate event like slavery and demean it to the point where people will simply stop listening. You can't demonize people and their history ad nauseam.

Opening a debate or statement with 'As a person of African American' (and to be sure, no one gives a shit about you being black) is to muddy whatever valid point you're trying to make about the past. Quite frankly, that some in black intellectual circles do nothing but funnel their entire spiritual and historical existence through the vortex of slavery is unhelpful and condemn them to a rather banal and even unfulfilled existence.

Modern blacks have little connection to slavery. They don't have any hardships slaves endured and no amount of angry musings is going to change this (the idea American taxpayers would have to pay a millionaire black for reparations is purely grotesque and supremely unjust). Imagine that Pandora's Box!

As time goes on, so does that period. Let it be. To keep harping on it is narcissistic and completely neglects to consider slavery in the larger context of human history.


Speaking of racism.

The other day my wife was watching one of those idiotic Housewives shows. She was telling me how an Armenian man told his daughter not to marry Italian because they 'don't make good husbands'.

Which got me thinking. Everything that's remotely seen as racist or offensive gets edited out these days because everyone is an idiot. But Bravo decided to let that go. Gee, I wonder if they would have done the same if this Armenian clown had said 'black men don't make good husbands'.

Oh. Here's the kicker and the irony.

He's wealthy having made a fortune selling...Italian cars.

Seems like this jackass is fine with making money off Italians but they're not good enough for his family.


Go sell Armenian cars then.

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